Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning in this realm is particularly client specific.  We have the capability to do daily or weekly general cleaning, and are eager to meet the needs of our commercial clients.  We currently service commercial clients, and are happy to offer bids to meet the needs of new customers.


We greatly appreciate the sacrifices of our military families, if for no other reason than we were one.  We also know how incredibly stressful PCS's can be, after all, our team has made fifteen military moves ourselves!  Our mission is to take the worry and angst of clearing base housing off of your already full plate.  You have a new home to find, kids to care for, a long trip to make, and many other demands on you.  Let us take one big burden off your shoulders.  You don't need to worry about a housing inspection!

Lets put this up front.  You may hear of others talking about 'no pass, no pay'.  Don't be fooled.  They will not refund your money for a gum wrapper discovered in a trash can.  We stand behind our service and you will promptly pass and clear base housing.  We will be there with you on inspection day to ensure you have no hangups.  We have done over a hundred of these cleanings and are well known and respected by the housing inspection teams of both Hurlburt Field and Eglin AFB.  Out of all the inspections of our work we have stood for, there has been one, ONE, inspection failed (who else would confess this?) and it was resolved immediately, and certainly at no additional cost to our client. We get the job done right, every time.  Guaranteed

Prices for our professional cleaning of your home to the demanding military standards range from $185-$250 for two-bedroom units depending on pets and whether carpet cleaning is required.  For a three-bedroom, it is $275-$325 depending on pets and if carpet cleaning is required.  

Four bedrooms go $285-$375, again depending on pets and the carpeting requirement. 

Note - The price ranges are based on normal circumstances.  Quotes for individual clients are lowered for homes that are very clean and raised for those where the home requires more work to meet standards.  We recognize that the stress and other demands on a family on the move can be great and can interrupt normal cleaning habits.  This is where we come in!

Because scheduling this service can be very dynamic, a $50 deposit is required to be paid via credit card, check or cash 10 days prior to the close out.  The deposit is applied to the cost of the service.  Just keep this in mind - we WILL be there on time and you WILL pass.  The deposit is just to ensure our efforts are targeted toward clients who truly desire the most professional service.   

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At 1st Choice Cleaning Emerald Coast, LLC., we realize that every client's needs are unique.  Flat rates are often unfair to the customer.  Each job is priced based on the customer's specific needs.   If you don't need your carpet cleaned, we don't charge you for it.  For this reason, the following prices are provided as a price range for your consideration.  a detailed price will be offered for the job after conferring with you to determine your exact requirements.

Service and Price Range List

Periodic home cleaning

This service is designed for those who wish to eliminate the hassle of home cleaning from their lives.  No problem, that's what WE do!  For weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, prices range from $80 to $140 depending on square footage and other factors.  Simply based on square footage, a home of around 1600' is normally at the lower end price, and 4400 and beyond is at the top.  However, we personally negotiate the contract for each home with the client, and the price is individualized for each customer based on their desires.  For instance, some only desire kitchen and bathroom cleaning, while others want the full treatment (yes, we do windows!).  We carefully evaluate your needs, and once given, we stand by our quotes.  

Note - To set up a periodic cleaning, a first time, one-time deep clean is often required.  This deep clean includes base boards, bathrooms, a surface clean for the kitchen, floors, high and low deep dusting, interior windows (exterior also on bay windows and show windows), and stove and refrigerator as requested.  This first time deep cleaning takes many hours and the cost normally starts at $200.  This covers all expenses, including multiple cleaning professionals, all cleaning products (unless otherwise requested) and sets your home at the standard of cleanliness we will sustain for you.  This is for weekly and bi-weekly clients.  For obvious reasons, periods longer than that are always considered first time cleans. 


As stated in our mission statement, if it's dirty, we clean it.  We have cleaned military dormitory rooms, even RVs.  The bottom line is if you have a cleaning need, please contact us for a quick, reasonable quote, and then count on us to fulfill the cleaning requirement.  We are a serious business, and we value all our customers, big or small.  

Post-Construction Cleaning

This cleaning is based strictly on square-footage and whether the house will be presented in the 'parade of homes.'  We have done much work in this area, with terrific results.  Our prices are very reasonable, and our results speak for themselves.

1st Choice Cleaning Emerald Coast, LLC.


Rental properties

These are priced much like PCS moves above, and are based on the size of the unit, the degree of cleaning required and other factors.  We clean both for the renter, or the owner, depending on the specifics of the lease.  We can meet either the general cleaning requirements most leases require of the renter (at a reduced cost), or the higher standards required of landlords to prepare a unit for the next tenants.  Please contact us for a quick quote to meet your needs.

Vacation rental Properties

We have several rental properties that we service.  These, as usual, are individually priced based on the owner's needs and cleaning requirements.  We do general inspection, cleaning, and minor maintenance in the case of damage or theft.  Rates for cleaning run from $110 per concluding renter contract, to $175, depending on the owner's requirements and unit size.